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How to Hide Video Photos on Android Devices

Have you ever had to lend your device, be it a phone or tablet, to a friend or family member, and pray that they did not browse your media gallery? For whatever reason, be it personal photos or silly photographs you want to keep but ashamed for you to show others, there is a way they do not know it. KeepSafe Vault and Hide It Pro are two topnotch apps you can jajal. KeepSafe Vault Of course, you can easily delete the photos, but where is the art? With the help of a free app from the Play Store called KeepSafe Vault, you can easily hide your pictures and videos and store them securely. The process is very easy, just follow the instructions below: Download the KeepSafe Vault app from the Google Play Store. Run the app after it's installed. The first thing requested by the app is for you to choose a PIN password After you confirm your PIN password, you can now browse your gallery and choose which photos you want to hide Once hidden, photos can only be viewed from within VaultSafe and