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How to Hide Video Photos on Android Devices

Have you ever had to lend your device, be it a phone or tablet, to a friend or family member, and pray that they did not browse your media gallery? For whatever reason, be it personal photos or silly photographs you want to keep but ashamed for you to show others, there is a way they do not know it. KeepSafe Vault and Hide It Pro are two topnotch apps you can jajal.

KeepSafe Vault

Of course, you can easily delete the photos, but where is the art? With the help of a free app from the Play Store called KeepSafe Vault, you can easily hide your pictures and videos and store them securely. The process is very easy, just follow the instructions below:

  • Download the KeepSafe Vault app from the Google Play Store.
  • Run the app after it's installed. The first thing requested by the app is for you to choose a PIN password
  • After you confirm your PIN password, you can now browse your gallery and choose which photos you want to hide
  • Once hidden, photos can only be viewed from within VaultSafe and hidden from your default gallery.
Hide It Pro

One of the best things about the Hide It Pro app is that it can hide everything including images, audio, video, messages (with plug-ins), and apps (for rooted phones). This app has its free (but sponsored ads) version that runs unhindered on any version of Android starting from version 1.6 or later.

Posing as Audio Manager

Do not worry, you did not get the wrong download. Hide It Pro comes disguised as an audio app so it makes it harder for someone who's deliberately trying to open this app. To fool them all; all the sliders do work. But to get through the first phase, you just need to press the old Audio Manager logo to reach the first configuration step.

In the next step, Hide It Pro gives you choice between two types of lock screen. But you can not choose both. You can give the application an email ID in case you forget the password. Done this, you must login again to reach the inside of the app.


Vault (storage space) is a place where all images, videos, and audio files will be protected when you start hiding them. To hide a particular file - say an image - you have to go to the location of the file and share it from there.

The ability to hide files and put them in a particular folder is one of the noteworthy features. You can also select photos from within Hide It Pro and hide the files you have selected.

Back to Vault, you can see hidden files by opening Pictures. If you have some pictures there, you can browse them all with Slideshow with various effects like Fade, Zoom, and Swipe effects.

To reload a single picture or the entire album, just press briefly and select Unhide. Unfortunately this app does not move the image in the original location but creates a new folder (in Image Gallery for example). To reset it, you have to do it manually.


Hide It Pro has a feature that allows you to encrypt files with 256-bit AES encryption. It's still being developed, and there are still many users who experience crash applications when trying to use this app. Hopefully developers can immediately fix the error that still appears.

  • Hide It Pro comes with several free plug-ins that allow you to:Lock the app and disguise it by displaying a crash screen when someone tries to access it. If you have a rooted phone you can also hide the app.
  • Conduct private message sessions with friends by passing the default message app.
  • Browse with VBrowser in incognito mode.

Hide It Pro disguises its function as a privacy tool posing as an audio manager. This is a single app that lets you hide your image, audio, and video files all at once. Organizing folders and its ability to sort folders is an added value. Batch operation makes it easy to hide many files in a faster time. If file encryption is set correctly, then this application will be more perfect.

Here are ways to hide photos and videos on your Android device using the KeepSafe Vault and Hide It Pro apps. Good luck.

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