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How to Overcome and Cause Laptop Not Responding News 2022

How to Overcome and Cause Laptops Not Responding: Latest, computer tips this time about the cause of PC / laptop not responding or stop abruptly (program hangs) and how to solve it? For you users of Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 as well as MacBook. As a computer / laptop users must have experienced a problem called not responding when opening a particular application / software. The emergence of dialog boxes on not responding is not a sure thing caused by problems in the software, for example because the installation process is not perfect. It could also be the problem arising due to the influence of hardware on the computer. If it is confirmed the problem on the hardware (since the laptop or computer is old), then the re-install will also be fairly useless, will not solve the problem. Please note, in addition to being damaged, the hardware problem is also associated with the pressure that is charged to the hardware. So often bring up a dialog box that is written application not res

How to Overcome Google Play Store Can not Open in Xiaomi

Easy Way to Overcome Google Play Store Unable to Open in Xiaomi, We know that devices like Xiaomi is mushrooming in Indonesia. Moreover, the price offer from Xiaomi is very affordable and does not burden the people in Indonesia which is in fact the middle to lower.  Affordable prices with qualified specifications would be an attractive option for lovers and users of Android-based smartphones. But behind it all, did not rule out the Xiaomi smartphone can also experience problems, especially on the installed application There are some Xiaomi users who complain to one important app issue that is an app called Google Play Store. Yes, the Google Play Store is one of the best services to download all Android apps legally and freely. There are many interesting apps and games that can be downloaded securely and for free. But if the problem occurs on Google Play Store like Unable to Open, Failed Download In Play Store, Unfortunately, Google Play Store Has Stopped, as well as other issues will c

How to Use Feedback Assistant in iOS 11 Public Beta 2022

How to Use Feedback Assistant in iOS 11 Public Beta 2017, Feedback Assistant is an application available on iOS or MacOS device Developer Beta version and Public Beta. Its function is to help testers Beta operating system to report various bugs system found.  From these reports, Apple's Parties can provide the necessary improvements to the next Beta version to the release on the general user version. How to use the Feedback Assistant app on iOS 11 Public Beta? Check out the full review below. How To Use Feedback Assistant 1. First open the Feedback app on iOS 11 Beta device. 2. Then press Accept button in the initial statement part of application usage. 3. After that please Login with Apple ID you use. 4. The image below is the main display of Feedback Assistant on iPad. Namely the left side that contains Inbox, Outbox, Drafts, Submitted, and New Feedback. The right side is a detailed information from the New Feedback section for the process of reporting a bug system. 5. To create

How to Overcome "Unfortunately the UI System Has Stopped" Easy

Newest! How to Overcome "Unfortunately the UI System Has Stopped" Android, System UI is a user interface system or face-to-face which includes setting everything about the display. UI system is very closely related to the Android screen display starting from theme, icon, font, status bar, menu, and others. And if the system UI error occurs or an error message appears will be blank immediately and dark black. Android that has an error, especially on the UI System can happen when you oprek or replace Tem Android. Android that is not Support will be an error like "Unfortunately, System UI Has Stopped", or "Unfortunately, UI System Has Stopped". Usually the problem of pop ups would make users feel sad, confused, and dizzy because thinking about errors on Android he has. How to Overcome Android UI System Error / Damage Regarding the problem of UI System error, this time I will share Tips on How To Overcome The Android UI System That Error. Tips that I give may

2 Minute How To Overcome Google Play Store No Connection

Many Android smartphone users have complained that the Google Play Store is experiencing No Connection problems. Like some of the problems that often occur below. Google Play Store Error Issues There are some error issues in the Google Play Store. The following issues are: 1. Google Play is Lost 2. Downloads that are not running, just bring up the starting download repeatedly. 3. Error "Download Failed" 4. Error "No Connection / No Connection, Retry" 5. Error "Insfficient Storage Available" 6 Error 403 Google Play 7. No list of my apps in my 'app menu' Therefore, I as admin Sendbroadcast will try to help you in troubleshooting google play store application there is no connection (No Connection). Let's just see the following explanation. Factor Cause No Connection (No Connection) On Google Playstore Most likely the "No Connection or No Connection" message that appears when you will download apps on the google Play Store can be caused d

How to Quickly install Google Playstore on XIAOMI ROM China

How to quickly install Google Playstore in XIAOMI ROM China, HP xiaomi circulating in Indonesia consists of various versions of rom / firmware, this rom is usually very determine the built-in applications are installed and can even affect the performance of the phone itself, so you do not be surprised if the default application xiaomi turns out there is no google playstore app and other google apps, chances are your hp xiaomi has official chinese ROM, this is a lot of natural by xiaomi users, for some reason they get xioami with official chinese rom, as a result there is no google playstore app and app other google supporters. whereas in Indonesia itself the application is the most familiar and very important to support the performance of mobile phones. Indeed if hp xioami has a rom chinese then there will be no google apps, and the language can be selected only chinese and english language, it is because hp is actually intended for chinese society only, but if continue to have hp xiao