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How to Overcome and Cause Laptop Not Responding News 2022

How to Overcome and Cause Laptops Not Responding: Latest, computer tips this time about the cause of PC / laptop not responding or stop abruptly (program hangs) and how to solve it? For you users of Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 as well as MacBook. As a computer / laptop users must have experienced a problem called not responding when opening a particular application / software.

The emergence of dialog boxes on not responding is not a sure thing caused by problems in the software, for example because the installation process is not perfect. It could also be the problem arising due to the influence of hardware on the computer.

If it is confirmed the problem on the hardware (since the laptop or computer is old), then the re-install will also be fairly useless, will not solve the problem.

Please note, in addition to being damaged, the hardware problem is also associated with the pressure that is charged to the hardware. So often bring up a dialog box that is written application not responding.

Here's How to Cope and the Cause of Laptop Not Responding

1. Use of launcher, to tidy up the desktop shortcut view
Application laucher whatever the name and light as any such application, is not really good for your laptop and computer.
He will always take part in RAM on the computer, even after your computer or laptop is turned on. Display mah mah let alone seraca natural, default.
Unless you hold it with always crash / hang and the appearance of not responding notification on your laptop or computer, the ends suddenly laptop / PC off alone.

2. Laptop installed too many software / applications

In this case you have to be really selective in installing the application. The reason, if not so it will often cause the computer to experience not responding. Especially in applications or software that are not important, not often used, and applications or software that does not get updated regularly.
The solution is, use a portable software or application. For this application will not take part on RAM computer / laptop if you do not run. Another solution is to uninstall applications that are not needed, inevitably must be able to adjust to the laptop specifications are perfunctory.

3. Install and then uninstall the application or software

A bad habit and the most disadvantageous laptop or computer is, the behavior of users who install certain software or applications, then uninstall the application.
Did you know that the applications you uninstalled have just contributed in the form of waste resources on your laptop or computer. No matter how small and light the application is.
Furthermore, the waste resources will also take up memory space and also attend to make a laptop / computer to be not responding at certain moments.
To overcome this, you need to remove the remaining installation of the application by pressing Windows + Run (Win + R) and typing regedit on the column, then press Ctrl + F and write the name of the application you just uninstalled. Remove resourcenya if found. Then press the F3 key on the keyword to continue the search.

4. Many applications simultaneously

It has been mentioned at the beginning of this paper that such usage is not good for computers or laptops. Even if your computer is multi-tasking of any kind, sometimes it will still confuse menterjemakan command system.
Especially if the applications are allowed to run in the background. Too many software or applications running will take a lot of memory and computer resources. Thus, if left too long, then kaan result in Not Responding.
If you have already opened so many apps that are played in the background, make sure you close other apps via startup, by pressing the Windows + Run (Win + R) keyword and type msconfig. Open the Startup tab, uncheck the apps that you do not recognize.

5. Laptop / PC infected with viruses and malware

Of course you already know that a large contributor of viruses and malware into the laptop / computer due to plug the flash is discharged from the laptop / PC other and done repeatedly. In addition, because it opens a website or site planted with malware and viruses.

In addition, some users of the internet that trigger the entry of viruses and malware into the laptop / computer between: download videos from various social media, download movies, download applications, and do not update Windows used.

The more viruses and malware that is accommodated by a laptop or computer, the greater the likelihood that the device will often experience not responding while in use.

6. Installing software / applications that are not compatible

Not all software that you install on Windows 7, can run also on other Windows versions like Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. Once again need to selectively install certain software.

Plus also by looking for a little reference related software, whether it is support for the current operating system version. If still force, then bouble consequence. In addition to the software that can not be used, also just add a computer resource / laptop. Finally can only contribute to the occurrence of not responding when you want to run other applications.

7. Installing an anti virus is the same as installing a virus

The name of anti-virus then obviously its function to ward off viruses that go into lapotop or our computer. True, in general antivirus function is so.
But what if the anti virus you are proud of suddenly he himself who became a virus? How can?

An anti virus software that is not updated will be a virus on our laptop / PC. Especially for users of anti-virus free version alias is not paid. It needs to be careful.
Actually anti-virus is not required by our computer. For you Windows OS users (especially Windows 10), actually already provided an anti virus that you do not need to pay a dime to get the maximum version of protector.

Please note, the anti virus that you install it will only be a load of computer RAM / PC. Because he continues to work exploring here and there, looking for a certain format that is not necessarily a virus. So do not be surprised, some of your apps can not run anymore.

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