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Tips to make FYP on TikTok go viral 2022

FYP on TikTok is the dream of all TikTok users because with the appearance of videos on FYP, we can increase our TikTok account. The first is that videos that appear in FYP will get a lot of views and other interactions will also increase such as likes and comments. But do you know what FYP means? FYP or For Your Page or in TikTok called For You is the front page or homepage of the TikTok application where popular videos appear on TikTok. Not only for popular videos, because FYP makes ordinary videos into popular and trending videos. In short, the For You page on TikTok recommends videos that are currently hot and widely watched by TikTok users. The advantages of FYP on TikTok are so many that all interactions on your TikTok account will increase. Starting from interactions in videos that enter FYP, interactions in other videos that you have uploaded, as well as increasing the number of followers and likes on your TikTok account. That way your TikTok account will be easy to trend becau

How to View Android Screen On Time

Benchmark a smartphone that saves or wastes battery by looking at the Screen On Time. You can use Screen On Time or SOT as an accurate benchmark to determine which device you are using is battery-intensive or not. This term has actually been quite popular for a long time but it turns out that now there are still many who do not know. Because people will look at the battery graph and not see how long the screen was on after the last charge. Apart from being less accurate the battery graph from the last charge is hard to read. While Screen On Time is a duration and I'm sure people will know the meaning of that duration. In general, you can check Android SOT in the Battery menu. It's just that the menu display on each device can be different, but in general the data that appears is the same. The longer the screen is on, the more battery-efficient your device will be. Screen On Time Android or Screen Time Android is one of the benchmarks when testing battery power. For those of you

How to Remove Widgets From Smartphone Home Screen

You can add widgets to the main screen or front screen so that the smartphone you are using looks cooler. But the use of unneeded widgets can spoil the appearance, therefore you should remove useless and unnecessary widgets. There are several default widgets that usually already exist on Android devices, namely clock widgets, weather widgets, and search widgets. There are three widgets that can be removed and some are not. If you try to remove a widget but there is no delete option, it's possible that it can't be removed. If the widget can't be removed but you don't want to see it you can just use the launcher. Because by using a home screen launcher, it will follow the launcher you installed and used. Actually, how to remove widgets and application icons on the home screen is very easy. But unfortunately there are still many who do not know even though they have done it accidentally. To be clear about how to remove widgets so that they don't appear, you can read th

Tutorials How to Register and Create an Account Brainly

With the ease of accessing the internet, you can use it to find other knowledge that you did not learn at school or at the course. Before you search for information on the internet you have to create a Brainly account first. Why should you register an account with Brainly? what is Brainly? If you want to find information, especially related to school lessons, Brainly is a site that you can visit. is a learning website where users can ask questions about anything and other users will answer them. Afraid that the answer given is wrong or inappropriate? take it easy because there are several experts who will help provide answers and select the available answers. Why should you register for a Brainly account? what without an account can not see the answers in Brainly?. Of course you can, but now some answers have to wait 30 seconds for the answers to be seen. Unless you log in with your Brainly account or access Brainly via the app. Meanwhile, to ask questions, you still need

How to Mark All Incoming SMS As Read

I'm sure that SMS is rarely used as a communication tool for sending text messages, unlike before. Even so, do you feel that there are too many incoming SMS and you want to mark all SMS as read? If yes, you are in the right article. Even though it is no longer used as the main communication tool, SMS from the operator will still reach us and I think the number is increasing every day. You could say that the incoming SMS to the number I have is only SMS from the cellular operator. But the problem is that the incoming SMS is not small and makes the SMS menu a mess because there are several incoming SMS that have not been read. The longer you get tired of reading all the incoming SMS then you want all the incoming SMS to have been read without you reading one by one. The solution to this problem is to mark the SMS as read from the operator earlier. In short, you can mark or mark all incoming SMS from mobile operators as unread. After you mark it, you can select all SMS that have been