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How to Mark All Incoming SMS As Read

I'm sure that SMS is rarely used as a communication tool for sending text messages, unlike before. Even so, do you feel that there are too many incoming SMS and you want to mark all SMS as read?

If yes, you are in the right article. Even though it is no longer used as the main communication tool, SMS from the operator will still reach us and I think the number is increasing every day.

You could say that the incoming SMS to the number I have is only SMS from the cellular operator. But the problem is that the incoming SMS is not small and makes the SMS menu a mess because there are several incoming SMS that have not been read.

The longer you get tired of reading all the incoming SMS then you want all the incoming SMS to have been read without you reading one by one. The solution to this problem is to mark the SMS as read from the operator earlier.

In short, you can mark or mark all incoming SMS from mobile operators as unread. After you mark it, you can select all SMS that have been marked as read.

By marking you can take one action on all the SMS that you have marked earlier. Not only has it been read, you can also delete several SMS at once in this way.

To be clear, I'll just explain how to mark SMS messages as read so they don't pile up. Before continuing, do you feel that your Smartfren pulse often decreases by itself? if so you have to unregister Smartfren services that you don't know about.

How to Mark All Incoming SMS To Be Read

Step 1: You open Messages or Messaging and mark all incoming SMS that you have not read by long pressing on one of the SMS then mark the SMS as unread

Step 2: After you mark the SMS as unread you can immediately press the Mark as read option

Step 3: Then all the SMS that you marked earlier that were initially unread have become read

Step 4: In addition, in step 2 usually each device has a different location of options. But the average is in the top right corner

You can try the above method if the incoming SMS from the cellular operator is always a lot and you are tired of always reading it. This way you can easily do it once a week or when you remember.

For some reason, cellular operators are now very aggressive in providing package and promo info via SMS. It won't hurt us unlike promos in the form of pop-ups, but it's very annoying.

Besides how to mark all unread SMS, have you ever experienced a sudden increase in internet quota and decrease by itself for no reason? if ever you can read the article that I have discussed about it.

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