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The Coolest TikTok Video Filters and How to Use Them

The way to get TikTok videos to get a lot of viewers is to enter FYP on TikTok. But actually there is an even easier way, namely by making interesting videos with effects that are commonly used by Pro TikTokers.

These effects or video transition filters on TikTok make the short videos that we upload on TikTok more interesting. In addition to videos wrapped with backsounds that are trending on TikTok, it will be more complete if we add these cool TikTok video effects.

What are the TikTok video filters? here is the list.

Most Hit TikTok Video Effect Filters

1. Glitch

The first TikTok video effect is Glitch, this TikTok video effect will make the video look like it characterizes the color of the TikTok application, namely reddish neon.

When you use TikTok video transitions, you can make videos look swaying and colorful, which is typical of the TikTok application.

2. Zoom

The effect that TikTok users use very often is to zoom in at a certain snippet of the duration of the video.

This transition can have your footage zoomed in instantly and then back to the way it was and so on.

3. Bling

This TikTok video filter is usually used by women who are really narcissistic on TikTok, the reason is because there will be blinks like that.

Yes, that's right, these TikTok video transitions or effects can make your TikTok videos have a star twinkling style but not too tacky.

4.Gold Powder

Gold Powder, as the name suggests this TikTok video filter effect will give a gold-studded feel to your TikTok videos.

When you make a video that's a bit slow, it's really suitable to apply the gold powder effect and then just add a mellow song.

5. 70s Effects

The TikTok video filter this time is not only trending on TikTok, but on several social media networks. Because, this one video effect can make the TikTok videos you upload look like old television shows.

6. Smog

As the name implies Smog or other meanings of smoke, this TikTok video filter will give a misty smoke effect on your video screen.

This TikTok video effect is suitable for those of you who make TikTok videos that are only in the form of images and music.

7. Sway

So here it is, the trending TikTok video transitions... because you can create a very fast vibrating effect with this one filter.

The Sway effect is a TikTok video effect that can make videos appear to vibrate from the left and right.

8. X-Signal

Still with the filter effect there is a twinkle, with this TikTok video filter you can make videos that look as if there is a crumpled picture of television.

This TikTok video effect is very often used by TikTokers friends and also often enters FYP on TikTok.

9. Shakes

Continue to the TikTok filter that makes you pause, behind this shake effect you can create a zoom effect per second repeatedly.

This video filter is most suitable for background music such as dangdut, hip hop, or DJ songs.

10. Soul

The Soul effect or escape from the body, will make your video appear as if it has left the screen or framed out.

This TikTok video transition effect is also a hit among TikTokers who often enter FYP.

11. Old TV

As the name implies, this TikTok filter can make your videos look like old-school television.

When you use it there will be television-style transitions with streaks and slight flickering vibrations.

12. Buz

One more thing that is no less cool, this TikTok video filter makes your video screen tangle every second.

This TikTok video transition effect is perfect for the initial opening of the uploaded TikTok video.

13. Flash

If you want a celebrity-like style, you can try the Flash effect. That is a video effect that will cause camera light shots.

You can make videos as if you are being photographed by many people with this one TikTok filter.

14. Countdown

It's coolest if the TikTok video starts with a 3,2,1 countdown display. Well, with this filter you can make video transitions with countdown or countdown.

This transition is very suitable for use when the video is first played or as the earliest video intro.

15. Scroll

This effect is also the most widely used by TikTokers, Scroll will give the impression that the video will scroll down and return to its original state.

It pairs well with other effects like zoom, and TikTok video filter countdowns.

Those are some of the coolest and most popular TikTok video filter effects among TikTokers. Next you need to know how to use it.

How to Use TikTok Video Effect Filters

  • Make videos with a minimum duration of 15 seconds
  • Tap the “video effects” section
  • Then several tabs of effects appear, namely visual, motion, sticker, transition, split, and time
  • Please choose as desired or follow the list of recommended options above
  • For TikTok visual video filters, how to use them, namely "click and hold" on the selected effect and adjust it to the duration of the video
  • Furthermore, for other effects, just one tap on the effect to use it
  • Done, that's how to use TikTok video effects filters

Actually, there are many more interesting TikTok video filters, but some of the lists above can also complete your enjoyment of creating short video content on TikTok. Good luck !

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