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The History of the TikTok App That Many People Don't Know

The history of the TikTok application that is currently worldwide. Not a few TikTok application users who currently do not know the origin of this one application.

Even though this application already has millions of users, in general they are just happy to use it without wanting to know the history of the TikTok application which has grown rapidly to date. For those of you who want to know a brief history of the TikTok application, you can see the article I wrote for you.

The History of the Global TikTok App!

Behind the success of the TikTok application, there is a story that many people don't know about the history of the TikTok application. Starting from the original name of TikTok, the founder of TikTok, this application's opposition to being known throughout the world. As I will discuss below, which will let you know more about the history of the worldwide TikTok application.

Where Does TikTok App Come From?

Do you already know where the tiktok app came from? The tiktok application comes from China under the auspices of a company called Byte Dance. The TikTok application itself was created as a social media tool that is devoted to being able to share creative short videos with each other.

Not only that, the TikTok application is also still growing to meet the wishes of its users. Like a feature that was recently developed to be able to live stream on the application.

There are also many advantages of this TikTok application. One of them is a filter on the video that you want to upload to the application so that it can increase user creativity to maximize the beauty of the user's video.

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Who is the Creator of the TikTok App?

The creator of the TikTok app is Zhang Yiming. Zhang Yiming is a graduate of Nankai University with a major in Software Engineer. At first, Zhang Yiming only founded a techno company called Byte Dance. Until September 2016 Byte Dance launched an application called Douyin (or better known as TikTok)

What is Douyin?

Douyin is the name of TikTok itself. Before TikTok was known worldwide, the initial name of TikTok was Douyin. The Douyin application is also new in China and does not exist in other countries besides China.

With a name that does not have a power brand in other countries or is difficult to remember in some countries, Zhang Yiming changed the name Douyin to TikTok in the hope that the name TikTok will be easier for users of social media to remember this short video.

Unexpectedly, this is where the history of the TikTok application begins. At that time, Douyin touched his success by reaping considerable profits in China with the number of new users reaching 100 million people in just a year. Therefore, the company Byte Dance has a pretty big ambition, to introduce the TikTok app to the World.

TikTok Collaboration with

One of the successes of the TikTok application is being able to attract the attention of until the TikTok application has succeeded in acquiring at the end of 2017. This is why TikTok is able to present so many songs and music for use by TikTok application users.

Not only that, the success of the TikTok application is also in the interest of many companies. Especially companies in the product sector, because many companies have entered the endorsement list on the creators of the TikTok application. From there the TikTok application has now opened the TikTok Ads program.

However, from some of the successes of the TikTok application above, there are also some obstacles experienced by this application. The bleak history of the TikTok application includes the pros and cons of several countries, including Indonesia.

The TikTok app is heavily opposed

Before TikTok became global as it is today, there were several challenges from this Byte Dance company. This is what makes the popularity of the TikTok application explode in Indonesia in 2019 even though this application was published in 2016.

Some Countries Against TikTok App


The TikTok application was blocked by the Indonesian government. Because many Indonesian people do not agree with this application. The problem is quite simple, that is, the majority of videos circulating on the Tiktok application only post videos that are less educational, such as dancing videos in an alay or vulgar style.

Even though until now it is still like that, various videos that are quite useful have started to develop, such as diytips videos, information videos, video tutorials, historical videos and also many other creative videos that are quite useful for tiktok users. This is why TikTok's app blocking contention is cancelled.


The Indian government has blocked the TikTok app. Because diplomatic relations are still heating up in the two countries. As a result, the company Byte Dance lost quite a lot of around 84 trillion.


The list of countries that blocked the TikTok application according to Gilarpost was America. The latest news that we know that America is still blocking the TikTok application they will unblock the TikTok application only if this application is to be acquired by the Microsoft company.

Thus is the history of the TikTok application which we have summarized from several reliable sources. Hopefully with this you are one step more familiar with this brief history of the TikTok application.

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